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Ф4.6×14m Cement Mill

Ф4.6×14 m cement mill is a closed circuit grinding type mill. Its production capacity is from 140t/h to 150t/h. It is normally matched with O-Sepa separator. It is a new type of concrete grinding equipment specially designed and manufactured by Pengfei Group. Compared with traditional ball mills, this cement mill improves the fineness and specific surface area of products. It largely improves the production capacity.

Technical Parameters of φ4.6×14 m Cement Mill

Grinding Material Particle Size
≤25 mm
Integrated Moisture of Grinding Material
Needed Temperature of Grinding Material
Fineness of Finished Product
≥3500 cm²/g
Rotational Speed
15.1 rpm
Loading Capacity of Grinding Body
280 t (Max. 290 t)

1. Main Motor of This Concrete Grinding Equipment

Rated Rotational Speed
745 rpm
Rated Voltage

2. Main Reducer of φ4.6×14 m Cement Mill

JS160-C (Sichuan gears)
Transmitted Power
4500 kW
Rated Rotational Speed
745 rpm
Output Rotational Speed
15.1 rpm

3. Thin Oil Lubrication Station for Sliding Shoe Bearing (Two units)

High Pressure Pump
Y112M-6, 2.2×2 kW, 2.5 L/min, 32MPa
Low Pressure Pump
Y112M-4, 3×3 kW, 80 L/min
Cooling Water Consumption
2×4 m³/h

Weight of Parts ofφ4.6×14 m Cement Mill and Scope of Supply

Feeding Device
5930 kg (Including Supporting Frame)
Sliding Shoe Bearing
35900 kg (Two Sets);
Supporting Pad: 5800 kg (Model: ZG270-500)
ZSnSb11Cu6 Babbitt Metal: 500 kg
Concave and Convex Sphere: 1050 kg (Material: 34CrNi2MoA)
Sphere Base: 4500 kg (Material: ZG310-570)
Bottom Plate: 7200 kg (Material: Q235-B, Thickness 85mm)
Carrier Roller: 5600 kg (Material: 45)
Rotary Part
287000 kg;
Shell: 103000 kg
Shell Steel Plate: 115000 kg (Material: Q235-C)
Slip Ring of Sliding Shoe: 19800 kg × 2 (Material: 20 g-Z25)
Web Plate of Slip Ring: 8950kg×2 (Material: 20 g)
Material of Liner Plate: Chromium Alloy
Discharging Hood
17600 kg
Lubrication System of Sliding Shoe Bearing
3980 kg (Two Sets)
YRKK1000-8 Motor
Transmitted Power: 4500 kW, Rated Rotational Speed: 745rpm, Output Rotational Speed: 15.1rpm
JS160-C Reducer
110000 kg
Total weight of equipment
350 t (Excluding Motor, Reducer and Grinding Body)

As a professional concrete grinding equipment manufacturer in China, Pengfei has the largest production and export base of cement mills in the coastal areas. All of our products have passed the certification of ISO9000 and CE. We have six subsidiaries that are respectively dedicated to machinery, electron, foundry, assembly and new building material. Our concrete grinding equipment have been well received in as many as

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