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  • Φ4×60m Rotary Kiln
  • Cement Rotary KilnAs the main equipment in both of the cement clinker dry and wet process production lines, this cement rotary kiln is widely used in metallurgy field, chemical industry, building refractory material sector, environmental etc.
  • Lime Rotary Kiln
  • Lime Rotary KilnActive lime can be widely used in a wide range of industries, such as steel, alumina, magnesium, calcium carbide, papermaking field, etc. As an important auxiliary material, active lime can not only help to improve...
  • Vertical Preheater
  • Vertical PreheaterAs a major device in the active lime production line, this vertical preheater is specially designed to send limestone from the upper part to the preheater body, and it can take use of 1150℃ exhaust gases, discharged from...
  • Active Lime Production Line
  • Active Lime Production LineThis 600tpd active lime production line is a complete line that includes vertical preheater, rotary kiln, grate cooler, air treatment system, raw material conveyor system, finished product conveyor system, raw coal grinding system...
  • Oil Sand and Oil Shale Horizontal Furnace
  • 1000t/d Active Lime Production LineJiangsu Pengfei Group manufactures the complete set of equipment for the 1000t/d active lime production line or active lime equipment. Our company...
  • Lateritic Nickel Rotary Kiln
  • Metallurgy Rotary KilnOur metallurgy rotary kiln is a kind of large-scale calcining kiln, and is widely used in calcining lateritic nickel, active limestone, oxidized pellet, alumina, titanium dioxide, and so on...
  • Suspension Preheater
  • Suspension PreheaterThe suspension preheater is mainly used as the heat exchange device in the dry process rotary kiln system. And in this suspension device, the dry raw meal and hot air flow from the rotary kiln can exchange heat and then...
  • Conditioning Tower
  • Conditioning TowerOur conditioning tower is an essential equipment of dry process rotary kiln system, and is the intermediate link machine between the five-stage cyclone preheater and environmental protection equipment. Through implementing humidifying...
  • Oil Sand and Oil Shale Horizontal Furnace
  • Oil Sand and Oil Shale Horizontal FurnaceTogether with Langfang Branch of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Institute, we have developed this kind of oil sand and oil shale horizontal furnace to extract oil. Its oil extraction efficiency can be as high...

Industrial Kiln and Industrial Furnace

Description of Industrial Kiln and Industrial Furnace:
Here in Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, we can provide a wide range of industrial kilns and industrial furnaces for customers worldwide, including cement rotary kiln, lime rotary kiln, vertical preheater, active lime production line, metallurgy rotary kiln, suspension preheater, conditioning tower, and oil sand, oil shale horizontal furnace. In the metallurgy rotary kiln, there is lateritic nickel rotary kiln, magnesium rotary kiln, oxidized pellet rotary kiln, bauxite rotary kiln, and titanium dioxide rotary kiln. And there are Φ4×60m rotary kiln, Φ4.8×76m rotary kiln, Φ5.0×74m rotary kiln, andΦ6.2×87m rotary kiln.

Established in 1994, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of industrial kiln and industrial furnace in China. Besides industrial kiln and furnace, we also provide customers worldwide with vertical preheater,cement production line, cement grinding plant, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, packing machine, chemical equipment and electrical control system. With the certification of ISO9000 and CE, our products have been well received by customers from as many as