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600t / d lime production line EP project successfully ignited

Guizhou Non-Mining Company of Chizhou City undertaken by Jiangsu Pengfei Group
600t / d lime production line EP project successfully ignited On December 18, the 600-ton-day lime production line of Chizhou Guixing Non-mine New Material Co., Ltd., an EP project undertaken by Pengfei Group, was successfully ignited. The project contract was signed in December 2018. Pengfei Group provided process design and manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the main equipment of the Φ4.0 × 60m rotary kiln and supporting preheater, cooler and other equipment.The project started construction in March 2019, and the equipment was shipped to the construction site in wholesale. Since October, the company has completed the lime rotary kiln barrel, preheater, cooler, kiln exhaust gas system, pulverized coal preparation system, raw materials and finished products. Storage and transportation system, electrical automation and other equipment installation, and then successfully completed equipment commissioning and production testing. The project adopts advanced production technology and technical equipment, strictly implements national industrial and environmental protection policies, and adheres to energy conservation, consumption reduction and green development. During the project construction period, our company and Guixing Non-mine Co., Ltd. united, collaborated, carefully organized, and carried out safe and civilized construction to ensure the implementation of the project construction schedule and project quality, and the project was successfully ignited at one time. During the ignition ceremony, Guixing Non-Mining Company expressed its sincere gratitude to Pengfei Group, not only praised the main equipment of the lime rotary kiln manufactured by our company and supporting main equipment such as preheater, cooler, etc., but also quality installation The service was very satisfactory, and the site applauded Pengfei Group with warm applause.
Pengfei products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world. At the present stage, through technological innovation, the application of rotary kiln in the lime field is expanded, which plays an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction and circular economy.In August 2019, the national standard seminar on "Technical Requirements for Lime Calcining Complete Equipment" was held in Pengfei Group. The company also participated in the drafting of this standard, contributing to the healthy development of China's lime rotary kiln equipment and helping China's manufacturing.Pengfei lime rotary kiln is exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries. It has provided lime rotary kiln main equipment and supporting equipment for Dongfang Hope Jinzhong Aluminum, Tangshan Ganglu, Baosteel Zhanjiang, etc. The company actively expanded the integration of production capacity and the impact of the "Belt and Road” to promote high-quality development of the industry.

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