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Standing on a new starting point, Pengfei set sail again

Standing on a new starting point, Pengfei set sail again——Gu Guobiao, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee led a team to investigate Pengfei Group
n the drastic changes of 2019, Pengfei people were hit by the tide of the global economy. The single-champion advantage of the rotary kiln continued to increase, the total scale reached a new high, and the operating efficiency was steadily improved. On the afternoon of March 9, Gu Guobiao, the party secretary, led a team to visit Pengfei Group for investigation. 2019 is a landmark year in the development history of Pengfei Group. On November 15, China Pengfei Group was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code 03348. More than 100 guests, including city leaders, company teams and intermediary agencies, witnessed this historic moment. In 2019, the company achieved the best operating performance in history. Product quality, production safety, and employee income have continued to improve. The company has been awarded the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, and Jiangsu's advanced manufacturing and modern service industry are deeply integrated into the backbone enterprises. Affected by the new crown pneumonia pneumonia epidemic this year, the company's resumption of work has been postponed, but since the resumption of work on February 10, various tasks have gradually entered the normal track, and by February 24, all work has been resumed, with a return rate of 100%. In 2020, Pengfei Group will focus on the goals of sales growth of more than 15% and tax increase of more than 10%. In accordance with the requirements of high-quality redevelopment and the legal compliance of Hong Kong listing, it will focus on the three issues of listing and investment, production line contracting, and overseas investment. Focus on work, implement the strategy of science and technology, internationalization, capitalization and refinement, and promote the high-quality development of Pengfei Group to a new level. In 2019, Pengfei Group participated in the construction of more than 10 overseas projects, including 3 general contracting projects. One Belt One Road report has been reported frequently, and many turnkey projects such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have successively signed contracts. The Uzbekistan project is progressing as scheduled, and the Kazakhstan production line is successfully ignited. The 1.6 million t / a grinding mill in Bangladesh was completed and put into operation. The 1.2 million t / a cement production line in Alasim, Kazakhstan was successfully ignited. Other projects include the Indonesian Blue Mountain Ferronickel and Stainless Steel Project and Sinoma Turkey Project. Newly signed a 3,300 t / d cement production line in Tajikistan and an ecological cement general contracting contract in Uzbekistan. Gu Guobiao, the secretary of the listing committee of the conference, pointed out that in 2019, the listing of the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange of Pengfei Group set a precedent for overseas listing of Hai'an enterprises, setting a benchmark for enterprises in the city, and has a strong demonstration significance. At the meeting, Pengfei Group was required to promote the healthy development of enterprises in accordance with the standards of national industry singles champions, leading companies in world segments, and listed group companies. The second is to firmly develop confidence and goals. Under the epidemic situation, constantly overcome difficulties, open up markets, transform and upgrade, play "hand chess first," and "find opportunities in crisis." Third, we must unswervingly follow the road of open development focusing on the "Belt and Road”, consolidate existing markets, continuously expand international markets, and focus on the complete layout of the domestic market. The fourth is to conscientiously plan and accelerate the investment and investment projects, and continuously improve the capacity of enterprises and equipment manufacturing. Fifth, we must further lay the foundation for the healthy development of enterprises, take Hong Kong's listing as an opportunity, work hard on the restructuring of the corporate structure, improve the system, and recruit talents, and actively reserve a batch of development strategies, innovative research and development, capital operations, and legal finance. Talents. Sixth, we must continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation within the enterprise, and ensure active and scientific epidemic prevention. At the same time, Dagong Town and related departments must create good conditions for the better development of Pengfei Group.


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