President speech

How time flies!It is almost in a moment that Pengfei Group has grown up from a small one to a big one and from weak to strong. Through more than fifty years of hard work, Pengfei Group has become a large-size production base of equipments and machineries for cement plant,metallurgical, chemical works, power plant and environmental protection industries both famous af home and abroad.
Looking forward to the future, Pengfei Group will carry on the past merits and overcome the shortcomings to make it an intemational first-class modern enterprise with hard struggle and great efforts on the aspects of technology, quality and service. We will provide complete sets of equipments.machinery and good-after service for new-type dry process rotary kiln cement production line with the capacity of 2500TPD, 4000TPD, 5000TPD, 8000TPD 10000TPD, the compound fertilizer plant with the annual capacity of 300, 000 tons, the power plant and the metallurgical factory.
"Make new friends and remember the old friends." Recalling the past in the light of the present the development of Pengfei Group has received the all-out concerns and supports from leaders at different levels, specialists, businessmen, other friends at home and abroad. Hereby, I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and the assurance of high consideration to you. We will run true to form to cooperate with old and new specialists,businessmen and friends in all walks of life to make a more promising future

Chairman of Board General Manager: Mr Wang Jia an